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VA Puts 3-Year Pause On VA Caregiver Purge With 30 Citations To Veteran Warriors Lawsuit

Benjamin Krause

Sep 16, 2022

Like The Little Engine That Could, the Veteran Warriors lawsuit fighting VA caregiver purge rules successfully extended discharge dates for caregivers three years in interim rule change.

The Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC) submitted interim rule changes Thursday that stop the pending March 2023 caregiver discharge. The changes were the agency’s long-awaited response to the Veteran Warriors v Secretary of Veterans Affairs lawsuit challenging rules previously implemented that caused the infamous 90 percent caregiver purge by March 2022.

The rule change serves to protect legacy caregivers by extending any proposed discharge dates by three years instead of March 2023. The discharge date of those impacted is now September 30, 2025. This is a big win, but the bigger fight is yet to come to protect the rights of legacy caregivers needing support throughout the veteran’s life.


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