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Published: 2024 JAN

Take ACTION to help
us amplify your
"Voices in Advocacy"

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Dear Veterans, Families, and Caregivers,


As we navigate through the intricacies of the Caregiver Program, it has become increasingly clear that your voices are crucial in influencing positive change. Your experiences and struggles are powerful tools that can shape policies for the betterment of all.


We invite you to participate in a vital initiative to share your stories with Congress, shedding light on the significance of the Caregiver Program and the challenges faced in applying for it. Your personal narratives can illuminate this program's indispensable role in the lives of veterans, families, and caregivers.


Why Your Voice Matters:

- Impactful Testimonies: Personal stories carry immense weight in influencing decision-makers. Share how the Caregiver Program has made a difference in your life or the life of a loved one and what life for the veteran would look like without a caregiver.

- Highlight Challenges: Consider the difficulties encountered during the application process, wellness assessments, and/or annual reassessment. Your insights can pinpoint areas for improvement and reform within the system.

- Address Program Purges: Share your experiences dealing with the relentless purges and how they have affected your family. This is an opportunity to underscore the program's legacy and advocate for its preservation.


Urgency of Action:

Time is of the essence. New rules will be unveiled this summer, and your voices can help shape these regulations better to serve the needs of veterans and their families. Your letters will be a powerful testimony to the importance of maintaining and enhancing the Caregiver Program.


Next Steps:

1. Write Your Letter:  Use our templated letter on this page to pour your heart into a letter detailing your experiences with the Caregiver Program. Be candid about the challenges and triumphs you have faced. 

2. Submit by February 16th: We urge you to submit your letters by February 16th to ensure they reach Congress in time to influence the upcoming decisions.

3. Consider Joining Us in D.C: For those able to attend, tentatively keep your calendars open for the end of April/beginning of May 2024, for a crucial Federal Advisory Committee meeting in Washington, D.C. It's a great time to unite to make your collective voices heard and pack the house with advocates for the Caregiver Program. We will post the finalized dates as soon as they are available. 


Your participation can be a catalyst for change. Together, let's ensure that the Caregiver Program continues to provide the support and care our veterans and their families deserve.


Thank you for your dedication and commitment to this important cause.


Be the Change,

Caregiver  Boots  on  the  Ground  Team

Veteran Warriors



Interested in learning about future Call to Actions or Veteran and Caregiver related information? 

Use this templated letter form to submit your letter to Congress.

You can submit anonymously at the bottom; this will prevent your name/information from being released to the VA or other federal entities.  However, you must enter your name and physical address for verification purposes.

  • Sections with an asterisk * are required

  • Sign your name with your mouse, stylus, etc. (anonymous entries require a signature, but it will redact the signature)

House Committee on Veterans' Affairs

364 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20003

Via Email

U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs

412 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510-6050

Via Email


Dear Committee Chair, Ranking Member, and Members of the Committee,


I am a: (choose all that apply)

Submitted successfully!

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