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Veteran Warriors does not support this bill package!

2023 Cloture Vote for Veteran Package 

We support the positives with expansion of the programs with each bill, but list the concerns as concerns.

There are five bills put into S 326, which is used as a "vehicle" to pass the Elizabeth Dole Home Care Act of 2023 and RESPECT Act of 2023.  Dole Act is self-serving legislation we do not support due to the financial incentives given to VA to make referrals to preferred partners. RESPECT Act needs revisions to avoid discrimination and unintended consequences.

Email Template

Dear Senator,

I am writing to respectfully request that you do not invoke cloture for S.326 VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act of 2023.

This bill is a combination of five individual bills that were previously introduced and failed to pass. Senator Tester opted to toss them together into S. 326 Medical Cannabis Research for Veterans bill to slide in Senator Moran's Elizabeth Dole Home Care Act of 2023 (failed Elizabeth Dole Home and Community Based Services Act of 2022) and RESPECT Act of 2023 (failed in 2022).

Rather than rushing this bill to a final vote, I urge you to consider breaking it into stand-alone legislation, to ensure that each piece is voted on individually and with due diligence. You have a duty to listen to your constituents and act in their best interest. By voting for cloture, you would be silencing the voices of many Americans and Nonprofits who oppose this bill and deserve a fair and open debate.

Please stand with your constituents and vote NO on cloture for S.326. Do not let this bill advance to a final vote without proper scrutiny and deliberation. The health and well-being of our veterans depend on your decision.

Please view the link for each bill's unique problems:

Thank you for your time and attention.



Why should you VOTE NO?

Veteran Warriors does not support this bill, as drafted with provisional changes.

2023 Legislation Status

***Bill has provision removals***

Other 2023
Veteran Caregiver Bills
we're tracking:

We support the positives for expansion of the programs, but list the concerns as concerns

Veteran Warriors' take on the
Elizabeth Dole Home and Community Based Services
for Veterans and Caregivers Act of 2023
Remains unchanged

Further Recommendations:

  • Do not attempt to put Caregiver Support under the Social Work line or a Chief Consultant, as previously done under prior leadership.

  • Redirect this legislation to GEC and VDC

  • Ensure Caregiver Support Programs remain under VHA Primary Care and Mental Health Services, as part of a Veteran's treatment plan.

  • Incentivize care and individual focus on needs rather than disruption of Veteran care.  


  • We do not support this legislation.

  • This bill is self-serving, at best, and a waste of tax dollars at worst. We supported ONE part of this legislation and then Congress removed it.

  • Bill is heavily geriatric focused

  • Incentives referrals to other programs

  • Concerns for forced misdirection by Chief Consultant of Care Management and Social Work Services by potentially attempting to realign Caregiver Program under CMSW, to allow for Chief Consultant to dictate use of services and funds under the Social Work line.

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