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Disclaimer: Veteran Warriors owns all rights to the story and photos of Lauren Price.  Lauren's photos and story are not to be used without the explicit written approval of the Veteran Warriors Board.  Any violation of this notice is subject to legal repercussions. 


April 1, 2021

For Immediate Release:


RE: Veteran Warriors Mourns the Loss of Founder, Lauren Price


New Port Richey, FL  – The Staff and Board of Directors of Veteran Warriors (VW) are devastated to announce the March 30, 2021, passing of our Executive Director, Lauren Price, who co-founded the organization along with her husband, Jim.  Lauren suffered and ultimately lost her life due to illness and disease that directly resulted from her service in the United States Navy, specifically her exposure to toxic chemicals and substances during her deployment to Iraq. Rather than simply sit back and accept her diagnosis, Lauren, with the spirit and fire that she was known for, formed Veteran Warriors over a decade ago and devoted her life to advocating for recognition of the effects that toxic exposures have had on countless veterans and to ensuring that those veterans received the care that they earned. 


Leading from the front, Lauren assembled a team dedicated to pursuing proper care and benefits for veterans. What was once a small Facebook page working on local issues has blossomed into a 

thriving nationwide organization with a reach and influence beyond the founder’s wildest dreams. Lauren was instrumental in developing and supporting Veteran Warriors’ mission, which includes assisting veterans, caregivers, and their families across the nation, working with state and federal legislators, collaborating with Veteran Service Organizations and other work groups, and guiding the development/implementation of policies and laws for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Without Lauren, there would be no Veteran Warriors, and the public awareness of issues within VA programs and policies would be significantly lower. 


Shortly before her passing, Lauren stated that “It has been my greatest honor to serve the veterans of this nation as their advocate. The people and organizations that I have met and worked with have been the best in the world.” 


Holly Ferrell, formerly the organization’s National Appeals Director, has been appointed as the new Executive Director effective immediately. Additional restructuring will be occurring with other positions within the organization in the upcoming months. Rest assured that the mission and focus will remain as strong as ever throughout this restructuring phase. 


It is our intention to continue the work that Lauren started and to honor her memory by serving the needs of the veteran community and maintaining the highest ideals of the Military Core Values that Lauren held so dear: Honor. Courage. Commitment. We hope that you will continue to support Veteran Warriors, now and in the years to come. As always, "One Family, One Fight!"



                                       For questions or comments, contact:                               

                                       Holly Ferrell                                                                               

                                       Executive Director

                                       Veteran Warriors, Inc. 


                                       Ph: 727.247.8141                                                                                                      Fx: 727-255-5085

Learn More About Lauren Price - Lauren's Bio
Lauren's Celebration of Life

Veteran Warriors Mourns
the Loss of Founder, Lauren Price

"It has been my honor and privilege to work with you over these last few years..."
            - Lauren Price, US Navy (Ret)

Lauren stands guard over Veteran Warriors' mission.

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Lauren's Services


Lauren's Celebration of Life

       April 11, 2021

Lauren's Reef Ball Dedication

       Sept 12, 2021

       Lauren's remains were mixed into a concrete cast to form a coral reef ball.

Lauren's Reef Ball Placement

       Sept 13, 2021

       Lauren's reef ball was placed in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of the Siesta Keys, FL.


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3 video_edited.png

Lauren's Request

In lieu of flowers, Lauren requested an equivalent amount in the form of a donation be made to Veteran Warriors in her honor to help continue the legacy of her work.   



Official Statements

Veteran Warriors

The loss of Lauren Price is devastating to all who knew her; her passing has left an irreparable hole in the Veteran community.  Lauren was a fierce and tenacious advocate whose mission was clear as she worked tirelessly for 12 years serving Veterans and their families.  Her work and passionate advocacy for Veterans, done while knowing that she herself would probably not live to see the fruits of that labor, was tremendous.  Even as her health declined, Lauren was determined to not allow anything to get in the way of her selfless service to our veterans, Lauren fought a valiant fight to the end.  Her loyalty was always to the veteran and their family, never to bureaucracy.  She was known throughout the veteran community as the “go to person” due to her unwavering determination resolve any issue with a “let’s fix this” – whatever “this” happened to be.  While we will never be able to fill her shoes, the staff of Veteran Warriors is committed to continuing the work she started and seeing her mission through to the end.  We remain focused on serving all veterans of all eras, we are determined to work with others in the arena to bring an end to toxic exposure while getting benefits for the exposed veterans and their families.  Lauren was a legend; her legacy will live on.  She will be forever missed.

Jim Price, husband of Lauren Price

My wife, Lauren Price…it is impossible to capture who my wife was in words, there are not enough metaphors or words in the English language to do so.  To those who did not know her, she is difficult to explain, this is meant as a compliment.  She was my best friend and my traveling companion; we traveled all over the nation together in our RV.  Lauren was the smartest person I knew, but more important, she cared deeper than anyone I have ever met.  She was one who would not hesitate to help family, friends, veterans, complete strangers, or animals without regard to herself or obstacles in the way without needing to be asked.  She loved her family, the ocean, plants and gardening, and her country.  She was “MA” to her kids and their friends, “Nina” to her grandkids and their friends, but an absolute nightmare to anyone who stood in her way of accomplishing any of her missions.  To ME, she eclipsed and predominated all of her gender and the human race.  The person she was, is who I, and everyone else in the world, should strive to be.

Remembering Lauren Price - The Warrior Who Never Quit

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