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"Everyone serves and together we make a difference."

Linda Kreter is the CEO and host of Military Network Radio.  She brings dynamic weekly interviews with new information of value to improve your outlook and actions. She encourages each family member – from service members, wounded warriors, veterans, mil spouses, caregivers, parents, and children. Click here for all podcasts.

is a veteran-founded nonprofit with a mission to research military exposures among post-9/11 veterans and educate the veteran and healthcare population on critical 


health information relating to their exposures. This proactive approach to addressing health concerns is essential for secondary prevention and wellness. HunterSeven also supports veterans and families who have been ill due to military exposure through an immediate needs program.

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Veteran Warriors frequently partners with other organizations on projects. 

Veteran Warriors is not responsible for any actions or inactions with any organization that we may partner with. 


We are not cannot and will not guarantee contact or action from our partnered organizations on individual cases.

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