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Fire Watch Episode 7: The Army of Families Caring for America's Wounded Vets

Drew F. Lawrence

Oct 14, 2022

These are the family members who were part of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs caregiver program, a largely unsung army of thousands of friends, family members and guardians that quietly take care of veterans who cannot independently take care of themselves as a result of injury or illness incurred from their service.

Many have quit their jobs to work full time as a caregiver, sacrificing an otherwise independent life to help their veteran do things like bathe, dress themselves, eat, take medication, and other daily tasks they couldn’t do on their own.

And until recently, the support they got from the VA to give that 24/7 care was essentially a sure thing.

So what happened and why were 90% of them at risk of being disqualified for the program?

Listen now!

In this episode of Fire Watch, we talk to caregivers who are facing unwavering challenges in the program – a lifeline that provides community, compensation, and support.

Main Topics

  • Drew F. Lawrence and Executive Editor Amy Bushatz discuss the difficulties that many caregivers face.

  • Guests, Dr. Colleen Richardson, Executive Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs Caregiver Support Program

  • Hosts Drew F. Lawrence and Rebecca Kheel talk with Paul Szoldra, founder of The Ruck News about other important military stories for September October 14th.

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