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Elizabeth Dole Steps Down Quietly From Leadership Role

Benjamin Krause

Oct 5, 2022

Former Senator Elizabeth Dole stepped down suddenly from her Chair of the Federal Advisory Committee she helped create aimed at supporting the veteran caregiver community.

On Friday, Dole provided a warm handoff to her replacement, Lee Woodruff. Woodruff was selected by Secretary Denis McDonough and is known for co-founding the Bob Woodruff Foundation with her husband. She is a current committee member.

Since 2017, the Federal Advisory Committee (FAC) has helped direct policies impacting veterans’ caregivers under the direction of Elizabeth Dole. She served as the first Chair of the Veterans’ Family, Caregiver, and Survivor Advisory Committee and held that position for the past five years.

Advisory committees generally cap membership at 2 years with certain exceptions. Dole received waivers over the past few years to maintain her position into her third term. Some familiar with the Committee and its history noted Dole’s transition out may have been premature.

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Neither VA or EDF has provided a press release concerning the transition at the time of this publication.


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