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Concerned Caregivers Fight To Have A Voice

Benjamin Krause

Aug 31, 2022

Concerned caregivers tired of being pushed around by the VA Caregiver Program are fighting back against a system that has left them isolated, disenfranchised, and unrepresented.

Last week, a group of caregivers providing in-home care to their severely disabled veteran husbands contacted me with concerns about the $1.9 billion VA Caregiver Program. These are mainly legacy caregivers with a range of involvement in the program for many years.

While the program, with its nonprofit and private sector supporters, seems to advance the benefits received of all caregivers, some caregivers do not agree – – many feeling they are without a voice while caught in the agency’s most scandalous purge to date.

If purged, many of these caregivers, and the veterans they help, would be immediately placed in a financial hardship that could ruin families and end dreams, all at the click of a bureaucrat’s mouse button.

And this isn’t just about money. Veterans have tragically committed suicide after their caregivers received discharge notices from the agency.

What does all this mean?


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