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Caregivers Take Fight Right To McDonough, Issue ‘Remy Challenge’

Benjamin Krause

Sep 15, 2022

Caregivers tired of continued lip service from Secretary Denis McDonough issued the “Remy Challenge” to call out the agency for current practices.

Over the summer, caregivers disenfranchised with the VA Caregiver Program and its managerial cheerleaders within the Elizabeth Dole Foundation (EDF) started speaking out and digging in.

By speaking out, I mean speaking to advocates in news media like myself and Richard Leonard since no national media outlets were paying much attention.

And why would the national press care?

They were too busy covering galas and parties rather than drilling down into the problems caregivers face outside Capitol Hill and the Beltway surrounding it.

With glitzy annual galas held by EDF and the annual national convening, national press not familiar with the plight of caregivers would come away with the impression that problems within the program are being addressed fairly and promptly.



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