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Veteran Warriors’ mission is to provide Hill advocacy, research, education, and media outreach for veterans who have lost their "voice" within the bureaucracy. We have participated in high-level round-table discussions and Congressional hearings regarding VA specialty programs, specifically the VA Caregiver Program and Burn Pits/Toxic Exposure. We stand firm on finding solutions and seeking accountability, so more veterans and their families receive the support, services, and benefits they have earned while rooting out the waste and inefficiencies.


We achieve positive outcomes for our veterans through data, research, testimony on the Hill, and agency communication. We focus on VA staff and leadership accountability, consistent practices across the enterprise, and revising policy to ensure policy guidelines are not misused. 


The result: better care along the continuum.

At Veteran Warriors, we stand ready to serve all 22,000,000+ veterans without division.

Current issues involve the VA Caregiver Program, general VA staff accountability, specific VAMC deficiencies, and revising policy to make sense of misused guidelines.  Veteran Warriors consider all Veterans united: “One Family, One Fight”. DC is listening. 




Veteran Warriors is a 501c3 nonprofit providing experienced Hill advocacy, research, and media outreach for veterans who have lost their “voice”.

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