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About Us

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Veteran Warriors, a national Veterans’ advocacy, service, and support organization, was founded in 2009 by Navy Veterans Lauren and Jim Price.  Together, they worked tirelessly in enterprise-wide advocacy for the VA process and legislative improvements.    What was once a small Facebook page working on local issues has blossomed into a thriving nationwide organization with a reach and influence beyond the founder’s wildest dreams.


On March 30, 2021, Lauren Price passed away from toxic exposure-related illnesses from her Iraq deployment.

Today, the Veteran Warriors team continues the mission Lauren started in 2009.  The team serves as a strong voice for the Veteran and family community on all fronts: health care, resources, toxic exposure, caregiver program, survivor benefits, education, and various forms of assistance with navigation and research.  

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Veteran Warriors’ mission is to "fill the gap" by identifying deficiencies and offering reasonable resolutions.  Our team provides experienced Hill advocacy, assistance, direction, education, media, outreach, navigation, research, resources, and more for Veterans, caregivers, families, and survivors of all eras.


We strive to be the change for those we serve who feel as if they have lost their "voice" within the bureaucracy.


We have participated in high-level round-table discussions and Congressional hearings regarding VA specialty programs, specifically the VA Caregiver Program and Burn Pits/Toxic Exposure. We stand firm on finding solutions and seeking accountability, so more veterans and their families receive the support, services, and benefits they have earned while rooting out the waste and inefficiencies.


There is no "one size fits all" in the Veteran community. We approach each need individually to meet the needs of that particular situation. 

Two of our largest projects currently are the VA Caregiver Program and Toxic Exposure, but we assist veteran families with all aspects of interacting with the VA.


The VA Caregiver Support Program provides a range of services to family caregivers.  We help Veterans and their caregivers with applications, navigation, representation, and understanding of the evaluations and operational processes.  We also guide appeals of incorrect adverse decisions, denial of participation, or inappropriate assignment to the level of care required following our thorough review of the medical records and the veteran's needs and eligibility.


We are active participants in a Toxic Exposure Task Force (TEAM Coalition) along with other Military Service Organizations (MSOs) and Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs). We provide expert and personal testimony regarding Burn Pits/Toxic Exposure.  This includes specialization in the dangers of exposure and the illnesses that may result and working with others to shape and enact the required legislation and inform the necessary Veteran's Health Administration (VHA) care for affected veterans. 

Assistance with navigating the VHA is needed to ensure veterans receive the care they require - and have earned.


Transitioning service members, families, survivors, and Veterans of all eras are supported by our team with a consistent point of contact to provide answers and assistance. VA Care is comprehensive but can also be intimidating to family members seeking healthcare for their veteran, and this is another way Veteran Warriors step in to help.

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